Art for Animation: Facilitator Application
Deadline is midnight on Saturday, December 26th , a week after finals.
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Social outreach and advertising
Preparing and presenting lectures
Leading critiques
About many hours a week OUTSIDE of class would you expect to dedicate to facilitator duties? *
Including lecture prep/rehearsal, administrative duties, tabling, etc. Are you willing to dedicate to dedicate a minimum of 4 hours to AFA?
What other extra-curricular activities will you be engaged in during Spring 2021? *
Research, part-time job, club officer, volunteering, etc.
One of your students is not completing their homework; in two to three sentences, describe how you would help them get back on track. *
In two to three sentences, describe how you would guide critique groups. *
If you were to do a lecture of any topic, what would you lecture on? *
Any additional questions/concerns/comments for us?
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