LOB Math Worksheet 1
Hi there, thank you for taking time out to solve these problem sums. Each question represents one problem sum type. By the time you’re in P6, you need to know at least 12 basic problem sums types. (There are at least 3 here.)

Each question is worth 2 marks. Do spend at most 8 minutes to solve them.

Once you’ve completed, please record your final answer and the time you have taken.

Do your best =)

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1. Joanne is 6 years old and her father is 36 years old. In how many years’ time will her father’s age be 3 times her age? (2 minutes) *
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2. There are 26 ducks and cows in a farm. The total number of legs is 72, how many ducks are there? (2 minutes) *
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3. Jack had $2040 and Jill had $520. After each of them received an equal amount of money, Jack had 3 times as much money as Jill. How much did each boy receive? (2 minutes) *
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4. Tim bought a box of sweets to give to his friends. If he gives 6 sweets to each friend, he will have 3 sweets left. If he gives 7 sweets to each friend, he will need 10 more sweets. How many friends were there? (2 minutes) *
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