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Who are your main competitors
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What makes your company unique?
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What do you like / dislike about your current website?
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Have you found any existing websites that inspire your idea of what your new website should look like?
If so, please include the links and explain what you like about each site.
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How would you like your products organized?
(Categories, Departments, Sizes, Etc.)
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Do you have product images available?
Do you have your product descriptions written?
What type of payments will you accept?
(PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.)
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Do you have an exciting merchant account?
Do you need tax calculated?
Do you want to be able to offer discounts, coupons, etc?
Do you need stock / inventory control?
How will fulfillment (shipping, returns) be handled?
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Do you have accounts with USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.?
Do you need real time shipping calculations?
Will you require your website to link into any other systems?
(Accounting software, crm, POS, XML Catalog Feed, etc.)
If yes, please explain?
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Will you have any digital downloads such as PDF's, movies, audio files, e-books, etc?
Do you want social media integration in the shopping cart?
(e.g. sharing the sale via social media, or adding the Facebook Like button to product pages)
Is there any additional functionality you wish to see on your online store?
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Do you have an existing or planned marketing strategy in mind to promote this new site?
If no, is this something you may want our help with?
Who will be responsible for maintaining the website once it's launched?
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