Personalized Meal Planning Application
I am really looking forward to helping you and working with you to help you achieve your wellness goals. We will need to take some time to discuss the information you enter in this Client Information Package . This an important comprehensive questionnaire regarding the implementation of your personalized meal plan. It will help my Dietitian/Nutrition team at Evolution Nutrition© put together an appropriate program for you based on your goals, needs and interests. Please complete all sections on each page as thoroughly as possible. If at anytime you get stuck feel free to contact me for help: either call, text or email. I'll respond as soon as possible.

*For more information about Personal Training On-line Coaching verses 'In-Person' Training please visit

You will find the following sections in the Client Information Package

 Personal Information
 Lifestyle & habits Questionnaire
 Exercise History Questionnaire
 Nutrition & habits Questionnaire
 Goal setting Questionnaire
 Client release and knowledge of agreement

Mike Clansey, CPT
Fitness Leader
604.344.0454 / /

"I strive to influence the quality of life for you and your family by providing services, education and resources that empower you to attain/maintain physical fitness, manage nutritional objectives, and prolong your life, health and overall wellness" - Mike
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