CS 61A Summer 2019 Final Survey
Please complete this survey by 11:59 pm on Friday, 8/16. Your feedback will help improve future offerings of CS 61A.

This survey is not anonymous; your email address is recorded, and you are asked to enter your Calnet ID. Please make sure to enter the email address associated with your okpy email account. Additional personal information is optional. Aside from your "last remark," responses to this survey will not affect your grade in the course in any way. Many questions are optional (not marked with a *). It's fine if you choose not to answer them.

Access to your responses will be tightly controlled. Only the instructors have direct access. We will not look at any individual responses except the "last remark" until final grades are submitted. We will only use your email address and student ID in order to measure broad statistical relationships between student scores and survey responses, so that we can better understand the effectiveness of assignments and course topics.
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