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India's premier Diversity & Inclusion consulting with a mission of Social Equity by affirmative action for LGBT+ community in India. Through a customized suite of expertise and solutions, we enable organizations to foster inclusion. We work with over 150 Indian & Multinational companies across India, conduct Audit & Assessments, Training & Sensitization, Industry Roundtables, Job Placement, Mental Health, Research & Publications. With our experience & growing roster of national & international partner companies, governments & non-profit organizations in India.

Pride Circle is a 3-year-old for-profit company headquartered in Bangalore, with offices in 10 cities across India.

šŸ‘‰ Website: www.thepridecircle.com
šŸ‘‰ Look for a job? Upload your resume: www.thepridecircle.com/resume
šŸ‘‰ RISE Delhi 2020: www.thepridecircle.com/rise-delhi
šŸ‘‰ RISE Bangalore 2019: www.thepridecircle.com/rise-bangalore
šŸ‘‰ Facebook: www.facebook.com/PrideCircles/
šŸ‘‰ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pride_circle/
šŸ‘‰ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/10392130/

=> Read the points carefully before signing up & Adhering to T&C are MANDATORY =
Click here to read the updated T&C for joining the inter-company group: https://bit.ly/3dQg2q7

1. WhatsApp groups provides a platform for individuals working in/ as D&I, HR, Pride ERG leads, Pride ERG Members, Pride Executive Sponsor, or anyone who is actively involved in the LGBT+ Inclusion at their respective company
2. WhatsApp groups are for inter-company networking & for exchanging of the best practices.
3. WhatsApp groups are NOT OPEN to the students or job-seekers.
4. Moderators reserve the right to admission/ removal of members from the group.
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