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It's Emelia from Unobvious Technology (

We're working on a new platform for sex workers, and we'd love to keep you informed about it. This new platform is called PrivatePatrons. In the first period, you'll be able to create a profile and list all the different places you can be found online (clipstores, review boards, advertising sites, etc). This gives your fans a convenient way to find everywhere you are online, by just visiting your PrivatePatrons profile.

In the future, we've plans to support profile verification (you'll get a little check mark ✅ & be able to access features which make you money 💸). Monetized features will include services such as paid messaging, fan subscriptions to content, and fundraising.

Unobvious Technology is founded by Emelia Smith, a transgender woman with a background in software engineering at startups, and recently an occasional sex-worker (dominatrix / porn). Presently, I'm the sole-founder of the company, and I'm bootstrapping it with what little personal finances I have.

Our goal is to empower sex-workers and advance the adult industry through better, more secure, innovative technology.

If you'd like to know more about PrivatePatrons fill out the form below — whether you're a sex-worker, client, investor, or other interested party. All information is strictly private and only accessible by Emelia Smith, Unobvious Technology and it's associates.

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