The St. John's United Church Prayer Box
If you feel you (or someone you know) could use our prayers, simply let us know.
Send us your request, together with your name, and we will pray for you. Rest
assured that your name will not be made public in any way. It is just a way to
indicate your consent, something that is required now by Canada's privacy laws.
We will light a candle, bring your prayer request to God and ask God to be actively
present in your life the way you need it. That's it. We will not judge you or try to
convert you. We just want you to be well and be who you are meant to be.
Prayer is a powerful form of outreach we can offer to our community during these
isolating times. And so we will make the time and the effort to try do what Christ
asked us to: to pray continuously in all we do.
May we include you?
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