SNCS Star Maker - Nomination
Who's your Hero! - Nominate an individual, family or young person for a St Neots Community Support Award.

Each nomination will be looked at by a panel of the St Neots Community Support. This is made up of Trustees and Volunteers. Each nomination will be put forward for the month it was sent i.e. 01-31 Jul and then presented within the first week of the following month.

If a unique nomination does not win for that month, we will roll it over for the following month and consider again. No need to re-submit every month - unless they've done something extra special since first nomination.

Both nominee and nominator will be contacted within the first week of each following month if chosen to win a prize, to discuss arrangements for acceptance and social media campaign - photo opportunities and press release etc.

Good luck to everyone - and thank you for nominating your fellow St Neots community
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If nominating for Community Assistance, please describe below what you're asking help for. If you're nominating a your nomination, please ensure you have this persons parent/guardians approval and state below.
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