Mid Year Parent Engagement Survey
Dear Parents, we have reached the mid year point of the 2019-2020 school year. We want to seek your input regarding how we may improve parent engagement during the 2nd semester. During the 1st semester we held parent input meetings and workshops to revise our Compact and Parent Policy, to assist parents in signing up for Infinite Campus, and to discuss ideas and thoughts on parenting through the teen years. We have a 1/27/20 workshop scheduled to discuss Bullying, a 1/28/20 TCHS workshop for 8th grade parents to discuss graduation and AP requirements, and a 3/6/20 Bridge Day scheduled to meet with parents about 2020-2021 schedules. Please respond to the following questions/statements to provide us with other ways to help keep you informed and engaged.
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What suggestions would you make to NEM in terms of building quality relationships with our parents? *
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How often do you use Infinite Campus to check on the academic progress of your student? *
Parent workshops were offered during the morning and early evening hours during the 1st semester. Is flexible scheduling beneficial and are there other ideas we should consider for making sessions available to parents? *
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From a parent's perspective, how can the NEM teachers, support staff, and administration improve our school? *
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What additional parent workshop topics would you like for NEM to consider offering? *
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