Holiday Celebration- for families that include children with sensory needs
Does your family include children with sensory needs which makes attending other celebrations really hard?

We are inviting families with a child under the age of 6 to attend and celebrate this event, pit on by families like ours. **if your children are all over 6, and this event sounds like a great match, please email us at

Location: 1344 main Street

Free gifts for every child
Free hot meal
Free activities
Free professional photography
In Partnership the FACT coalition. Learn more at:

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What are the children's names, birthdays, genders and some toy ideas? You will be sent an email with 3 choices for each child. Each child will get a toy valued at $15-20, a book and treat bag. *
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We will send out emails over the next weeks to tell you everything you need to know. If you have questions, no problem! Just let us know at

This is a FREE event! We look forward to celebrating with you! Learn more about Inspire at We are funded by community donation and fundraisers.

Please tell us more about what kind of support you want to see in our community:

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