Dressing as a Woman of Color Survey
After reflecting upon what I read in Women in Clothes, I noticed a commonality between black respondents and how their skin color affected what they learned or were taught about dressing. While women in general are under extreme amounts of pressure to look good, I'm curious to see if that pressure is even higher for women of color!

I understand you're all incredibly busy, so the fact you're even on this page, means SO much to me. It's 20 questions total, most multiple choice -- so it should only take around 10 minutes or less. All questions are optional, so if there are any you would prefer to skip that's totally fine.

Also, it should be noted, this is all anonymous and aggregated. I will never know who said what. I don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable with their name associated with answers, so please be brutally honest. No hard feelings. Deal? Deal!

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