Project Tomorrow - Michigan 99b Questionnaire
Please answer the following questions to help us best support you with your 99b grant.
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District Name: *
Name, email address, and phone number (with extension) of your district's primary contact *
Name, email address, and phone number (with extension) of any other contacts you would like to be included in communication with Project Tomorrow
Which of the following services will you contracting with Project Tomorrow? *
Other Extended Supports (please specify if applicable)
Please provide a description of your 99b grant goals and program steps (what are you hoping to achieve and how, including a projected timeline of activities): 
For those with professional learning plans, if you are not contracting these services with Project Tomorrow, who is providing your professional learning? Please also provide a description of the format and deliverables. 
How many teachers will be involved in your project?
Have you identified a staff member(s) who will serve as a Computational Thinking Integrationist (Coach)? 

If so, please include their name(s) and email address(es) so that we may send them an invitation to our Computational Thinking Community and add them to our newsletter mailing list.
For those contracting Student Skills Inventory or Self-Efficacy assessment services, are you planning to begin these in the fall?

If YES, please include back-to-school dates/time window and grade levels involved
Using the following link, please identify the Region in which your district is located: *
Outside of your own region, are there are other regions to which you would be willing to travel for in-person professional development trainings/courses?
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