Melrose Porchfest 2019 MUSICIAN Form
We are so excited to hear you play Melrose Porchfest! Give us some info so we can get going!
What is the name of your band/group/act?
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Do you have a preferred porch?
If you already have a porch to play, what is the address and host's name?
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When are you available on Sept 28?
When are you available on the rain date, Sept 29?
How many people are in your group?
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Will you need access to electricity?
What style(s) of music do you play?
If your group has a website, please provide it.
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If you have a youtube video, soundcloud link, or other place where people can hear your music, please provide a link.
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Please provide a blurb about your group/act - just 2-3 sentences will be plenty.
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