Osiris Podcasts Listener Survey
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Which Osiris podcast(s) do you listen to? Select all that apply.
What was the first Osiris podcast you listened to?
How did you hear about the first Osiris podcast you listened to?
How long have you been listening to this first Osiris podcast?
What non-Osiris podcasts do you listen to regularly? Tell us about your favorite music and non-music podcasts...
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How do you get updates about your favorite podcasts?
If you share podcasts with friends, how do you usually share them?
How much time do you spend listening to podcasts each week?
What is the ideal length of a podcast you would listen to?
If a podcast is too long to listen to in one sitting, you:
How likely is it that you'd recommend Osiris podcasts to a friend?
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I do it already and will do it more
Rate the impact of the following on how likely you are to listen to a podcast regularly: *
Very high impact
Some impact
A little impact
Doesn't matter much
Your interest in the content/topic
Your connection to the host(s)
Length of the episodes
Advertisers who sponsor the show
Sound quality
Frequency of publishing
Online presence/interactivity of host(s)
Tell us 3 things you love about listening to podcasts.
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Tell us 1 or 2 things you'd change about the podcast listening experience (Osiris podcasts and other podcasts)
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It would be valuable to me if Osiris (choose 2):
Are there topics not currently covered by Osiris podcasts that you'd want us to bring into the network?
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