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As a driver for The Catz Meow, we ask that you agree to these guidelines, which are for your safety and for the safety of our Very Important Kitty (VIK).

The VIK MUST REMAIN IN THE CRATE/CARRIER while driving or when any doors or windows are open. The VIK must also remain in the crate/carrier when not in the vehicle.

The VIK must be the only animal in your vehicle during transport.

Do not smoke in your vehicle if with the VIK.

The VIK must not be transported in the trunk of your car, or exposed in the bed/cargo area of trucks.

The optimal location for the crate or carrier is in the back seat, with the crate secured with seat belts. When transporting in a van or SUV, please secure the crate or carrier using rope or cords in the cargo area.

If driving more than one leg, please stop every 90 minutes to check on the VIK. You may want to offer the VIK water or food.

Should the VIK have an accident (vomiting, e.g.) please stop and clean up the crate and VIK. Then inform your Tour Guide.

The VIK must not be left alone in your vehicle if the temperature outside is 75 degrees or greater.

If you have to leave the VIK alone in your vehicle, windows must be cracked to no more than a two-finger opening; limit your time to five minutes.
Under no circumstances should the VIK be allowed out of the crate/carrier when outside your residence.

For the safety of the VIK, please restrict the VIK to his/her own space with no interaction with your own pets.

If transporting multiple VIKs, the same space may be used if the VIKs already know each other. If the VIKs are strangers, then separate spaces must be provided.

The space provided need not be overly spacious; in fact, a smaller space gives TCM kitties nowhere to hide when the time comes to get the VIK into the crate/carrier for travel. This is especially helpful if kitty is known to be extremely shy.

If you have any questions or problems with regard to the health or well-being of the VIK, please contact the Transport Coordinator (TC) immediately. The TC’s contact information is on the run sheet.
All information pertaining to transports is considered confidential and is the property of The Catz Meow. This information can NOT be shared with any entity, or persons for any reason. We take our volunteers’ and clients’ personal privacy very seriously and hope that you will help us maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Any photographs or videos of a transport become the property of The Catz Meow, Inc. and may be used for promotional purposes.
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