PVI2018 - Bid Form
Complete tournament information: www.PVInvite.org

Your bid form will not be complete until your check arrives in Easthampton.

The bid fee is $475 per team if sent before or on March 5th. The bid fee is $525 for checks sent after March 5th.

Note: The bid fee is $0 if your team flies in!

Checks should be made out to "Ultimate Good" and mailed to:

Josh Seamon
3 Payson Ave. #1
Easthampton, MA 01027

Teams are accepted until April 9th or until we hit our team cap of 52.

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Are you interested in having us try to find you housing? If so, on which nights? *
We are NOT able to guarantee housing. We will try out best, but nothing is guaranteed.
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Do you understand that housing will cost $50 per team and be collected by mid-March? *
Approximately how many people do you plan on bringing to the Saturday night dinner? *
$12.50 per person. Payment due in mid-April.
As with all outdoor sporting events, the Pioneer Valley Invitational can be canceled or shortened due to weather. The tournament is held on athletic fields used by many teams during the spring and cannot be permanently damaged. Because of the size of the tournament, it is impossible to arrange a rain date and many of the items needed to run the tournament must be paid for well before the event. If the tournament has to be shortened or canceled due to inclement weather we will not be able to provide full refunds. We will make every effort to provide as much of a refund as possible but no specific refund amount is guaranteed. It is possible that no refund will be possible. By entering your name below you are stating that you understand the above information:
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Tell us about your team. How many years have you been playing? Who have you played against? What tournaments have you played in? How has your team contributed to the growth of Ultimate in your area? Why do you love your Ultimate team? Feel free to tell us everything and anything about your team. We love good stories. *
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Have you read through and do you understand all of this information on the tournament info page? *
If your team cancels from the event before 2/1/18, your team will receive a full refund. If your team cancels between 2/1/18 and 4/9/18, your team will receive a full refund ONLY if another team is found to take your place. After 4/9/18 there will be no refunds.
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Team registration must be completed by Friday, April 27th @ 6pm. If your materials have not been completed by Friday, April 27th then your team will be dropped from the tournament and you will receive no refund. Seriously. [Having/had trouble with this deadline? Email me NOW.]
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Do you understand that your bid is not complete until your team's check arrives in Easthampton? *
$475 if sent before or on 3/5. $525 if sent after 3/5.
Does your team have a Twitter account? If so, what is it? *
We're going to create a master list of all teams coming to the PVI!
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