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Please review the MLS Terms of Service at:

As Mozilla offers MLS as a free service, we cannot provide keys to everyone who requests one. Your request is more likely to be granted if you provide a detailed explanation of your project and intended use.

Please note that we are NOT currently providing keys to commercial or personal projects (such as your Pwnagotchi). We are only offering keys to projects that provide a link to a repository licensed under an open source license. Because of the volume of requests, we will only be responding to applicants who receive keys.

(Keys previously provided to commercial projects expire automatically after three months. That term cannot be extended.)

Questions? Email us at
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7. If you are an existing or previous MLS user, please list all API keys issued to you.
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9. As an open source company we would like to publicly post about the types of projects that MLS supports and aggregate usage metrics.  Can we include your project or company name? *
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