MAP Sunday School Registration Form for 2021-2022
Please use this form to register your child for MAP Sunday School. Please note that at least one of the parents must be a MAP member for children to attend the school. If you are not a member please use this link to become a member:

This year, the tuition will be $100 per semester for the first child. Siblings will pay $90/semester. You can make payments online via Mohid. To pay online, simply pick the category "School Fee".

After you make the payment, you will receive a confirmation email from MAP. Please forward this email to and write down the full names of the students the payment was made for.

Registration will not be complete until ALL of the following conditions have been met:
1. If you are not a MAP member, become one
2. Fill out this online registration form
3. Make the payment
4. Forward the payment confirmation email to
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