Blessing Box Sponsorship Questionnaire
Once you have submitted payment to sponsor a Blessings Box, please complete this form so we have your information, contacts, your ideas for the theme of the box, what type of donations will be allowed in your box, and the location of the box.
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Have you paid the sponsorhip cost for the box? *
What address will your box be located? *
If you do not have a location for the box yet, indicate that here and update us when you do.
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Which item types will be used in your box? *
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What theme do you want for your box? *
STP HELPS designs, paints, and decorates your box to your choice of theme. We've done school, autism, cancer, houseboat/swamp themes so far so you have an idea of what we're talking about.
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Special Instructions
You may leave any special instructions, notes, specifications of box size if you have any, or any other pertinent information you want us to know. if you have a logo or artwork you want on the box, please email it to
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