USM Women's Forum Leadership Award Nomination Form
The USM Women's Forum is happy to award one faculty member, one staff member, and one student annually for their exceptional influence to their institution, community service, and innovation and effectiveness.

Nominees should demonstrate characteristics from the three categories below:

Category One: Exceptional influence to the institution and/or unit to which the person belongs
• Makes positive and ongoing contributions
• Fosters collaboration and goodwill through demeanor, integrity and character
• Positive influence providing non-authoritative leadership, team building, and/or facilitated a team or project that enhanced the organization
• Uses their authoritative position to mentor, motivate and contribute to the success of their subordinates

Category Two: Community Service (off-campus and on-campus)
• Proven consistent community service in community
• Served on a community committee or in a leadership role
• Has served on an institution related committee to improve or enhance the USM or their institution, division or department
• Served on a campus committee or in a leadership role

Category Three: Innovation and Effectiveness
• Produces, creates and develops new ideas, process and procedures to ensure efficiency
• Thinks outside of the “box”
• Motivates others to take positive action
• Seen as a person that gets the job done

Please submit the information below to submit a nomination during the nomination period of 7/1/2017 - 8/31/2017. Questions can be addressed to Please note: USMWF Executive Council members are not eligible.

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