Haysboro Traffic Survey
The planning committee is trying to get a broad overview of concerns in the neighbourhood around roads, sidewalks, crosswalks, pathways, and bike routes in our neighbourhood. The committee will use this data to inform our conversations with the city around improving infrastructure.

Please note that as a volunteer committee this work takes time and the need to priortitize concerns exists - this means that we are not ignoring any one issue but rather working to our full capacity to address the most pressing concerns. If you'd like to be part of the change in our community please get involved - email planning@haysboro.org to be part of the ongoing conversation.

When responding to this survey please factor in the following roads as part of your considerations. Heritage Drive, Elbow Drive, Southland Drive, Macleod Trail, Horton Road/Southport Road, 14th Street SW.

Please answer to the best of your ability - feel free to skip any questions.

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It has come before city council to consider lowering the speed limit on unmarked residential roads. Here is one article to consider: https://www.thestar.com/calgary/2018/05/09/councillors-eye-lowering-speed-limits-on-calgary-residential-streets.html Please rank which speed limit you favour. *
30 km/h
40 km/h
50 km/h
Cross Walk Images
We know there are challenges at crosswalks around the neighbourhood. Please rank the following safety measures as being the most important to least important based on the above photos.
Most Important
Moderately Important
Least Important
Painted crosswalk lines on the road are visable
Flashing lights are upgraded to high visability (vs current overhead flashing)
High visibility sleeves on pedestrain crossing signs
Please list the top three crosswalks in our neighbourhood that you believe need safety measures. These crosswalks should reflect your needs and wishes. Feel free to say what measures you'd like taken or why you believe it's a priority.
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There are other factors which increase pedestrian safety at crosswalks including visibility for both pedestrians and cars due to: curb set backs making for long crossings; hedges obstructing views; volume of traffic; stop signs versus yield signs; 2-way stop vs 4-way stop. Please take a minute and tell us your ideas to make pedestrian crossings safer in Haysboro.
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Light timing for both pedestrians and vehicles has been brought up as a concern at some traffic light signalled intersections. Please let us know which intersections are an issue for you and why.
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The designated bike route runs along Haddon Road. Please tell us your experiences positive, neutral, or negative with this route.
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What other bike infrastructure would you like to see in Haysboro?
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A multi-use pathway runs along Heritage Drive. There are portions which are still sidewalk - should they be upgraded to a full width pathway?
Portions of this pathway are fronted by businesses or residences. Who should be responsible for snow clearing the pathway in these circumstances?
Pathways are cleared in 'priority order' based on use frequency and designation. Knowing this path connects to a designated commuter pathway route (reservoir) and to an LRT station (Heritage) and soon to be BRT, the priority for clearing the pathway between 14th Street and Macleod trail should be:
Excluding the major roads (Heritage, Southland, Elbow, Macleod, 14th St) - which streets in Haysboro should be high priority for snow clearing in the winter and why? (Please note we cannot have them all!)
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What other feedback would you like to give?
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