Organics Recycling Drop-off at the Wedge Table - Sign Up
The Whittier Alliance Organization has partnered with the Wedge Table to offer free organics recycling for renters and condo owners. The organics recycling bins are the property of the City and are housed in the Wedge's south parking lot. In this pilot phase, locks are used on the drop-off to help manage the amount and quality of organic materials dropped off. The lock code will appear on your screen immediately after you submit this form. Please save the code for your future reference.

The intent of the program is to provide an organics recycling option for renters and condominium owners of large (5+unit) residential buildings, who often do not have access to such services through their building. With 80%-90% of Whittier residents renting, a large number of residents do not have access to composting. This program seeks to start to address the gap in organics recycling opportunities in the neighborhood.
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I pledge to use the Wedge organics recycling bins responsibly, which includes: 1. Placing only compostable items in the bins as indicated by the signage on/near the bins and on the City's website( 2. Respecting the lock process and remembering to close the lock when finished. 3. Keeping the lock code confidential. 4. Leaving no waste, organic or otherwise, on the ground around the bins even when the bins are full. I recognize that if the bins are full, I am to wait until after the bins have been emptied to deposit my material or to drop the material off in a normal garbage bin. *
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