Audition Questionnaire
J3 Music Studios, Music for Everyone and City of Lancaster is looking for bands, soloists, and small group performers to headline the September 20 Music Friday at Binns Park. Please enter your information below and show us what you can do!

Audition details:
- Auditions will be held at Tellus 360 in downtown Lancaster on July 21.
- Open to any young performers in the Lancaster, PA area age 12-19
- Performers must prepare two complete songs to play live, or sing with an accompanist or audio track. Performers must provide an audio track if necessary.
- Emphasis will be placed on performances in a category of contemporary music: singer/songwriter style, pop, rock, hip hop, soul, etc.
- Performers will be seen in the order of arrival. Please arrive at the beginning of your scheduled audition hour.
- Video submissions will be accepted through July 20th if you are unable to make the audition times listed. You can provide a link at the bottom of this form.
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We are looking to form a band out of a select group of young performers. If selected, are you available for band rehearsals twice a week between August and September? *
If you are unable to appear in person for these audition times, please provide links to a video that we can view of you performing TWO different songs. The videos will be viewed during the audition times listed above. We will get back to you after July 21st.
Please select a time for your audition. You must arrive at the beginning of your timeslot and plan on staying for the whole hour. *
Thank you for your response!
We look forward to hearing your music on July 21st. Allow 24-48 hours to receive a confirmation email with your scheduled audition time.
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