Apocalypse Now - Online Course
A Critical Study of the Book of Revelation
In a Time of Pandemic

An Online Asynchronous Course with The Rev. Vincent Pizzuto, Ph.D.

The last book of the Christian Bible known as the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse of John, is often dismissed as bizarre, archaic, and with little to offer the modern life of faith. Yet, as the global pandemic COVID-19 sends shockwaves of illness, death, panic, and economic collapse across the globe, our newspapers and media outlets can hardly resist understanding this moment as anything less than ‘apocalyptic.’ The term itself refers to the “lifting of a veil,” hence a “revelation” of things hidden. At whatever comfortable distance Christians have typically held the Book of Revelation, its ancient mysteries demand renewed attention whenever the thin veneer of our social order suddenly collapses in the wake of war, natural catastrophe, or pandemic. And only then does its ancient, terrifying, and hope-filled message impose itself upon us again with a new and urgent relevance. That time is now.

​Join Fr. Vincent Pizzuto, PhD in a critical and faith-filled reading of the Book of Revelation as we explore what secrets its pages have yet to unveil, and what, in their unveiling, they might teach us about our current global health crisis and the faithful love of Christ. All participants will receive a PDF of the study packet prepared by Fr. Vincent to accompany our online course. You are encouraged to have a Bible on hand throughout the course.

The course may be started as soon as you have completed registration and payment. The course is $50, which gives you access to the materials for three months - videos and materials. If you are in need of a partial scholarship, please email Anna Haight at annahaight@stcolumbasinverness.org for more information.

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