Design Thinking in Education

We at are on a mission to identify promising practices for teaching, facilitating, or leading design thinking (or human-centered design) in education. Your insights will be instrumental in creating a resource to support educators in this domain that we can also give to you.

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What does design thinking (or human-centered design) mean to you? How do you teach or share what it is?
Please describe any courses, initiatives, programs, or projects you have been a part of, that teach or engage students in design thinking. Please share specific examples.  
As an individual teacher or leader, what actions or practices have you found to be most effective in teaching or facilitating design thinking?
What resources, guides, or tools have you found helpful in supporting your design thinking initiatives?
What types of support or resources do you wish were available to better assist you in teaching, facilitating, or leading design thinking?
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Also, feel free to provide names and email addresses of other educators or leaders who may be interested in contributing to this research. 
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