Lads 2 Leaders Participation Goals
This form will allow us to help you reach your participation goals for Lads this year. Fill one out for each child in your family who plans to participate. Someone will oversee each category to help you stay on track and to answer any questions you might have.
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Year-Round Events
These events occur year round from convention to convention.
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Centurion of Scripture (memorize scripture)
Read the word (read the entire old or new Testament)
Know the Books (memorize the books of the bible in order)
Bible reading/study (reading scripture in front of a group)
Good Samaritan (volunteering and service)
Second Language (K-12th, learning a bit of another language to be able to teach others)
Year-Round Bulletin Board (3rd-12th, decorate mult. boards throughout the year)
Year-Round Power point (3rd-12th, make mult. power points to go with lessons for a bible class)
Year-Round Speech
Year-Round Song Leading/Songs of Praise
Teach to Teach (7th-12th, learn how to teach a younger class)
Keepers/Providers (3rd-12th, gender specific home making skills)
Gifts or Guards bible study (6th-12th, gender specific 13 lesson bible study)
Headed to the office (6th-12th, young men 13 lesson bible study taught by an elder. Class focus is on building character to be able to lead in the church.)
Junior Leader (K-5th, class teaching leadership qualities)
Pre-Convention Events
These events happen now until there submission or test date..
Tests (usually in February)
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Bible bowl Test (K-12)
Pearls bible study and test (3rd-12th)
Mass Media 3rd-12th (usually due in January)
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Audio Presentation
Video Presentation
Convention Events
These events happen at convention in the spring.
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Art Says it
Bible Bowl (K-12th)
Debate (7th-12th)
Oral Bible reading (preK-6th)
Puppet theater (preK-12th)
Scrapbook (3rd-12th)
Song leading
Songs of Praise
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