Samurai Ninja Poet Taiko ~ 2019 T1 & T2
Taiko Basics Introductory Classes

Tuesdays 6:15pm ~ 8:00pm        

Costs :      $20 per lesson ( $15 Concession / Family price ( per person )
                   $90 per 5 week course ( $65 Concession / Family price ( per person )

Term 1      Feb 5th, ~  March 5th
                  March 12th ~ April 9th

Term 2      April 30th ~ May 28th
                   June 4th ~ July 2nd

- These are basics classes and require no prior Taiko training or experience
- Course run continuously and cater for students to keep coming each week
- Lessons will cover similar elements through a variety of drills and exercises to reinforce the rhythms
- you will not need to remember patterns or rhythms each week, but drills practice will assist you greatly between classes
- and, if you wish to challenge yourself, you may also come to....

Taiko Basics Progressive Classes

Wednesday 6:15pm ~ 8:00pm  
- These classes are ideally for students with some experience and would like to Learn Taiko pieces.
- We recommend attending Weekend Workshops to train in the Taiko Basics in addition to these classes

Term 1      Feb 6th, ~  March 6th
                  March 13th ~ April 10th

Term 2      May 1st ~ May 29th
                   June 5th ~ July 3rd

Costs :      $20 per lesson
                  or $25 for 2 classes
                $150 per course - ( 10 weeks and 10 lessons )
                $ 190 full course, both nights - ( 10 weeks up to 20 lessons )

Event Address: Perth Modern School - Embleton Music Room
                            Western End of the Main Building
                            Between 90 and 100 Roberts Road, Perth, Western Australia 6008

Class information
1. Attend as often as you like, up to twice a week if you can
2. or choose your day and come along every week
3. or alternate nights, however the classes will be at different levels
4. Classes will actually commence around 6:30pm - If you find yourself running late, still please come, and just slot in when you arrive, better to come than not come at all
5. If you are early, it would be a great help if you can assist with the drums set up, usually from 6:15pm
Feel free to stay on for our Member Training session from 8:00pm  ~ 10:30pm Tuesday
You might be observing, but if there are drums, you can play along with us.

Event Address: Perth Modern School - Embleton Music Room
                            Western end of the Main Building
- between 90 and 100 Roberts Road, Perth, Western Australia 6008

Contact us at 0408434608 or

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