Sheridan Story Electronic Enrollment Form
Sign up to receive a free bag of food every weekend.

There are no qualification requirements and your family's privacy is protected.

I give permission for a bag of food to be provided to my child while he or she is at school. By submitting this form, I agree and understand:
- It is my responsibility to remove food items that my child should not consume.
- School staff or volunteers may access my child's locker and/or backpack in order to discreetly place bags of food.
- If my child cannot responsibly transport the bag of food home, I will have to pick up the food at the school or no longer participate in the program.
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Child Name *
School Name *
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Describe child's backpack (i.e. blue with green zipper)
Families may choose from five options structured around the USDA MyPlate Standards. All bag types contain 4-5 pounds nutritious, non-perishable food, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, and soups/entrees. *
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