ESN Agder Buddy Sign-up Spring 2018
Hello and welcome to the sign up for next semester's buddy program! The buddy system is more or less an international equivalent of the Norwegian "fadderordning", and a great way to meet both local and international students!

Please read the questionnaire carefully. If you are unsure whether or not you actually can attend on any of the dates mentioned, feel free to add that in the "other" section. If you have any further questions regarding ESN, the buddy system or any of the events, you can read more about those at our webpage For additional questions, you may contact me at buddy@agder.esn. I hope to see as many of you as possible next semester!

Kind regards,

Ida M Norin
Buddy Manager
ESN Agder

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Would you like to become a group leader? *
We need group leaders, who will be in charge of a group of a group of students. But no worries, you will have plenty of other buddies in your group as well to help you out! As a group leader, however, we kindly ask that you come for Orientation day, Friday 11th of August to welcome your new group. If you answer 'yes' to this question you are expected to follow up as a leader, and to help find a replacement if necessary.
At which campus would you like to be a Buddy? *
Do you live in a SiA building? If so, which one? *
If you live in a student dorm, check it below. We use this information when we put buddies on the different dorms on Pick-up day.
Have you been any of the following before?
Is there anyone you want to be in a buddy group with?
Add their full name. Remember that that person also has to register as buddy. If there's more than one, please put a comma between each name. We do our best to try and fulfill your wishes (tip: if you are 3 or 4 people, make sure one person wants to be the leader of your group - this will increase the chance of you being able to stay in one group)!
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Are you able to join us for Pick-up Day, Thursday 4th of January? *
On Pick-up day we welcome and pick up the students from the central bus station (Kristiansand) and near campus (Grimstad). This is a great opportunity to welcome and help the new students on their very first day in Norway!
Could you drive international students from the bus station to their new homes on Pick-up Day, Thursday 4th of January?
On pick-up day we meet the new students at the central bus station (Kristiansand) and around campus (Grimstad). It is then up to us to bring them safely to their new homes. ESN Agder will be providing cars for the day. Please note that the cars are normally between 7-9 seats - if you have any specific limitations regarding vehicle size, please fill out the "other" section in the bottom of this form. If only available at certain hours, please fill out "other". This requires a driver's license.
Are you able to join us for Orientation Day, Friday 5th of January? *
If only available for specific hours, please specify under "other"
Are you able to meet up at the student's homes to walk with them to university on the morning of the Orientation day, Friday 5th of January (for Kristiansand only)? *
If your previous answers were no; from what date can you join the buddy programme?
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What is your preferred t-shirt size? *
For buddy t-shirts if you don't already have it. The shirts are unisex, and thus bigger than regular women's shirts - a good rule of thumb is to choose one size below your regular size.
Would you be interested in hearing more about the Active member program? *
ESN Agder always need new active members to help us make great experiences for the International students and the Buddies. As an Active member you have a more central position within ESN Agder, and can help arrange tours, events and the rest of the fun! More info can be found here:
Anything else you want us to know?
If you have any further comments regarding any of the questions, or just a comment, feel free to write it here.
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