2019 Urban Native Education Conference: Nurturing Our Knowledge Keepers
2019 Urban Native Education Conference
Theme: Nurturing Our Knowledge Keepers
Saturday, May 4, 2019
Chicago Public Schools, Garfield Park Office
2651 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60612

Conference Description:
The organizers of this conference are situated in Native Chicago, by which they mean that their focus, research, teaching, and service is working for and with American Indian people and communities in the Chicago area. With more than 70% of the Indigenous population of the U.S. living primarily in urban settings, it is clear that urban Indian education is a significant issue.

We created a theme– Nurturing Our Knowledge Keepers – that speaks to the generational interdependence of Native people. How do we, as Native people, as educators, as scholars, as policymakers, secure the transferal of knowledge from one generation to the next? How do we honor and protect the knowledge keepers of today while providing learning opportunities and safe environments for the knowledge keepers of tomorrow? The theme is broad and encompassing but also allows and encourages you to relate it to your particular area of interest and expertise.

We look forward to a range of proposals tackling the theme of Nurturing Our Knowledge Keepers as relevant to urban American Indian education.

Deadline extended to Friday, March 22nd, 2019!!!

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