Game Not Over: Surviving Job Loss in the Video Games Industry
This is a submission form to write a chapter of a book about your personal experiences and advice about job loss in the games industry. Heidi McDonald is pulling all of it together, editing, etc. We will make this available for free.

Before submitting, please understand the tone we are seeking to adopt here. This is NOT going to be a book where we describe the cruelties of companies, or take out our own bitterness (though we can certainly talk about the fact that we were bitter), or name names or criticize companies or people in them. This book is about survival. Inspiration. Something to give hope and strength to people who meet with the all too common loss of a games industry job.

This isn't a journal and isn't through a publisher, so I'm going to do things a little differently. If you have been employed in the games industry and submit the desire to participate...regardless of your time in the industry...if you can adopt the tone and spirit of the book, I'm going to accept your right to submit a draft. Once you've submitted it, I may suggest edits or reserve the right to not include it at the end...but I guess just know that I'm not going to initially turn anyone away. If that means we split this into more volumes, so be it. I am hoping to hear stories from all disciplines, and all developers, definitely and specifically including minorities.

Length: 3000-5000 words (but we will not hold you to this, strictly)

Time Line: Once you are notified by the end of May about whether to send the draft, we will hope for first drafts by the end of September 2019, review during October 2019, send you your edits at the end of October, then authors have until the end of the year to re-submit. Easy-peasy.

Pay: Nobody is getting paid for this. We are all volunteers, doing this from the kindness of our hearts as a love letter to the industry we love, and to help others in it. Maybe we can't stop the layoffs, but by talking honestly and doing what we can to lift others up through sharing our stories and our lessons learned, it might help folks.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, direct them to Heidi McDonald at (Your email address will not be shared with anyone, only Heidi sees it.)

Authors have the option of using their actual names, or using "Anonymous." Which one would you prefer? (Heidi will not share the identities but needs to know who the authors are.)
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If you are choosing to use your actual name, please offer up to a 300-word bio.
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Are you willing abide by the timeline, tone and other guidelines in the above description of the project?
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