Sutcliffe House Leave Form
Please note all leaves are at the Housemother and Head of Boarding's discretion. The completion of this form is a mere application for leave. Leave will only be granted if your daughter is not involved in any school commitments.

This form needs to be completed and submitted online by 5pm on the Thursday evening before the requested leave.

Weekend Leave - Boarders must attend their match on Saturday morning, if they are down to play.
Boarders may NOT RETURN LATER than 7pm on Sunday evening or NO LATER than 7:15am on Monday morning.

Mid-term break - Boarders may only return between 3pm and 7pm on Mondays or NO LATER than 7:15am on Tuesday morning.

Start of term - Boarders MUST return to school between 3pm and 7pm on the afternoon before the academic term starts.

End of term - Boarders are required to be at school on break up day unless special arrangements for transport has been made and permission given by the Head of Boarding and Head of Department.

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