Let's Innovate through Education (LITE)Application

Why apply?

-Up to $1,000 to help you launch your own entrepreneurial idea
-Paid internship program in college where you get matched with top companies in the city
-Weekly 1 on 1 coaching for 6 months to help you launch your entrepreneurial idea
-LITE will help you build career/real world skills that you aren't getting in school (critical thinking, problem solving, organization)
-LITE helps students get empowered about their communities by helping them launch social action ideas

Our results:
-Named one of the 20 ideas that can change the world by Forbes Magazine
-Students gave LITE an average of 9.54 out of 10 on how rewarding the program was
-100% of past students are enrolled in college or have a full-time job.
-90% of the students in our program have shown long-term growth in career skills.

Examples of ideas we've launched in the past:
-150 person dance showcase that raised $2,000 for domestic abuse prevention
-t-shirt clothing companies
-gospel music concerts
-Fashion shows that promoted the environment
-Dropout prevention marketing campaigns

Have more questions about LITE? Check out our website: www.litememphis.com.
Have a question about the application or the program? Email alexandrathompson@litememphis.com.

Join the movement!
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9. How did you hear about LITE? If someone referred you to the program, please include their full name. *
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10. Please select which LITE Workshop you attended. (Do not answer this question if you are just applying via our open application process and haven't attended a workshop yet)
11. Please list any examples of when you started a project on your own or launched an organization on your own or created a product or business on your own. *
We want to see examples of you taking initiative and creating things without others telling you to do it. Be as detailed as possible!
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12. Please list any other organizations that you are involved with and what leadership roles you have in those organizations. (Bridges, Reach Memphis, organizations at your school, etc.)
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13. Why do you want to be part of this program? *
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14. If you could invent or improve a product or service to solve a problem, what would it be and why? *
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15. How will you make this solution profitable and sustainable? How will you generate revenue beyond just donations? *
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16. What is an obstacle you've had to overcome and how did it build character? *
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17. When you are 25, what do you want to be doing and why? *
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18. What would happen if people no longer had to eat to survive? In other words, how would life change if people didn't need to eat food on a daily basis. *
Please describe the consequences, effects, and societal changes.
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19. What is something that is confusing that we could make simpler? How? *
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20. Have you ever quit an activity/organization/job in the past two years? If so, please explain why. *
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21. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being not at all and 10 being very likely), how likely are you to become an entrepreneur that starts a for-profit business that makes money by the age of 25? *
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22. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being not all and 10 being very likely), how likely are you to return to Memphis to live by the age of 25? *
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