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Hello! Welcome to PromoWeb :) If you have questions about this application, feel free to reach out to Duong at and Tiffany at

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Optional (but HIGHLY encouraged): Banks provide loan options for all types of people. However, this process is poorly designed with terrible interfaces and a very confusing system. In short, people don't know what they need and are often deterred by the process and don't take out a loan when necessary. Design a user interface for a web application that allows people to take out loans at a bank. That means, provide a mockup of a web application users can use to take out a loan, understand the process, and improve their financial health.
Those who answer this question will be given preference. Link your Sketch/Photoshop file here with a google drive link.
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PromoWeb is an group that embraces creativity and diversity. Please choose your favorite digital product/app and create a marketing campaign for it. *
You can describe the campaign here in text. Don't worry about actually executing it.
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