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Use this form if you plan on attending our learn-to-curl on Sunday, December 17 (3:00pm-5:00pm)
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Participation is $25. Online payment can be made through PayPal via our website at www.dfwcurling.com. On the homepage on the left side there's a button that says "Pay League Fees". Click this and enter $25 into the box that says "Price per item", then follow the instructions. Payment can also be made on site, the day of the event. All forms of payment accepted, but credit card is preferred.
What should I bring/wear?
Bring a friend! But seriously...

We curl in an indoor ice hockey arena where the air temperature is kept in the low 50's. Multiple layers and pants is the way to go.

Pants: Wear athletic pants if you can, and avoid jeans.
Shoes: Clean, closed toe shoes required. Flat soled athletic shoes (like tennis shoes) work best. Wear thicker socks.
Gloves (optional): Bring grippy gloves like baseball gloves if you have them. These help keep your hands warm and grip the broom.

That's it! We will provide all of the equipment you'll need to learn how to curl!

Terms and Conditions
This registration form is for the purpose of requesting a spot to participate in a learn-to-curl event. Participation in a learn-to-curl is a privilege. DFWCC reserves the right to deny event entry or to remove individuals deemed unfit for participation. Causes for entry denial or removal may include, but are not limited to, intoxication, belligerence, harassment, and/or refusal of payment. DFWCC will not discriminate or deny entry based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Payment will not be refunded to individuals who are denied entry or removed from a learn-to-curl session. DFWCC makes no guarantees regarding the extent of time participants will be on the ice. Furthermore, DFWCC makes no guarantees regarding the extent and/or nature of activities to be performed on the ice surface during the learn-to-curl event (e.g., delivering stones, sweeping, etc.).

Curling is a sport played on an ice surface, and the learn-to-curl event will take place on an ice surface at the Dr. Pepper StarCenter in Farmers Branch. Due to the nature of activities performed on ice surfaces, there is risk of severe injury, or death, associated with participating in a learn-to-curl event. All participants will be required to sign waivers provided by DFWCC and/or Dr. Pepper StarCenter prior to being granted entry onto the ice surface.

Participation in a learn-to-curl event does not make participants members of DFWCC. Membership into DFWCC requires payment of Club and USCA dues/fees. Registrants interested in joining DFWCC's membership should e-mail membership@dfwcurling.com.

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