STEP 2: Submit Your Shirt!
Congratulations on making your own shirt and adding it to the IMVU Catalog!

SUBMIT YOUR SHIRT FOR REVIEW HERE FOR THE START CREATING PROGRAM. Remember, Creators in their first 30 days are eligible for this program only.

Once you submit your shirt using this form, our team will review it and send you an email confirmation when it's approved.

This is the second of three steps in the IMVU Start Creating Program for New Creators

(When you complete all three steps and they have been approved by our team, you'll receive 2 months of free VIP!)
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Submission Guidelines
- In order to complete this step in the IMVU Start Creating Program, you must complete this form and include a link to your submitted shirt.

- Only new shirt submissions will be accepted. The shirt must appear obviously unique and not a copy of something else in the IMVU Catalog.

- You may submit as many shirts to the program as you like but only one is required.

- Submission should be General Audience rated (GA), which means no "AP" elements included.

- Your submission must be marked visible and available to be sold in the catalog.
Submission Form
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SUBMIT YOUR SHIRT: use the fields below to submit your shirt link. You can submit as many shirts as you like. To find your shirt link URL, click on your item on IMVU classic web. Copy and paste this URL. It should look something like this:
Submit your shirt link here:
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Now get started on step three - making a piece of furniture!
While you're waiting for approval on step two (your shirt), you can get started on step three, making a piece of furniture. Here are the instructions!
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By submitting you agree to abide by IMVU's rules and regulations, this includes no copyright violations or stolen products. Submission does not guarantee completion of the Start Creating Program. IMVU reserves the right to remove any Creator from the program at any time. Duplicate submission swill be ignored.
If you have any questions please email
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