Waifuism survey
Waifuism is when a person is in a relationship with a 2D character. Go to this link for more info: https://goo.gl/msHiwu
On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest), how well do you think a waifuist's social life is? *
They are very lonely people who spend most of their time online
They are outgoing people who have a lot of friends
Would you consider waifuists as unusual? *
What personality traits would you see in a waifuist? *
Your answer
Do you think waifuists are acceptable in our society? *
Definitely not
Do you think that waifuism has positive or negative emotional effects? *
Go to this website: https://gatebox.ai/# *
1 - I am very disappointed
2 - I am somewhat disappointed
3 - I am neutral
4 - I am somewhat hopeful
5 - I am very hopeful for the future
What are your feelings on this intelligent personal assistant?
What are your feelings on the future now that you have seen this new technology
Do you feel offended by polygamous waifuist relationships *
I don't really care
Have you met a waifuist in real life? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, were they your:
What other opinions would you like to share about waifuists? *
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