Green Oasis Community Garden Event Application
Thank you for your interest in our garden! We enjoy hosting celebrations and performances, and we hope we can accommodate yours. The membership considers and decides on all applications, so it's important that you fill out this form completely and accurately. Once we've reached a decision--or if we have questions for you--we'll get in touch by email.

If your application is approved, we'll provide you with an event agreement and a list of garden guidelines. That agreement form must be completed and returned -- along with a refundable $100 cleaning deposit -- to reserve your date and time.

Please note that during your event, you have primary access to the garden gazebo, stage, grill, etc., as specified in your agreement, but the garden itself remains open to the public.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind:

* Green Oasis is subject to city parks regulations. There can be no amplified sound on garden grounds without a Parks Department permit. This includes amplified live music as well as speakers or sound systems. If you wish to apply for a Sound Device Permit, this is done through our local NYPD (Precinct 9). Please visit for an application. For Precinct 9 contact information, visit

* Green Oasis Garden does not have toilet facilities.

* We keep hives of honey bees. They've never stung any of our visitors, either during open hours or at an event, but it is something your guests with bee-sting allergies should be aware of.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact

Thanks again!

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If you're grilling, please don't use self-lighting charcoal or lighter fluid. We have a charcoal starter that's fast and easy to use. Ask your garden sponsor if you're not familiar with it!
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Please note that amplified music is not allowed, except for performances.
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Garden Sponsor, if applicable
All events in the garden require a member sponsor to be on hand. If you have already been in contact with a garden member who is willing to sponsor your event, please include that person's name and email address here.
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Donation Amount *
Green Oasis Garden is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Donations help us maintain and improve the garden and are very greatly appreciated! As a general guideline, we request a $150 donation for events involving up to twenty people. For larger events, we request $7.50 a person. Of course, we'll take your - or your group's - financial situation into account if the suggested donation is burdensome. We're also happy to accept larger donations. Thank you!
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