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The Seder is a traditional Jewish Passover meal. We ask the same question this celebration has asked for centuries, “Why is this night different?” God commanded his people–prone to forgetfulness–to remember at the first of every year His deliverance from oppression and bondage under Pharaoh into the freedom of His ways. Likewise, we must worship by commemorating what God has done to free us from slavery to sin and futility in death by drawing us near through life in Christ. 

We’ll start with a potluck supper first, so bring food to share. The church will provide the Seder nibbles and grape juice for the children, and we're asking you to bring bottles of red wine (and a wine key/opener) and wine glasses. Older children (K5 and up) are encouraged to take part in the Seder with the adults.

After the potluck supper, our 3- and 4-year-olds will have their own special Seder celebration downstairs in the Redeemer Kids room, and we’ll offer childcare for kids two and under in our nurseries downstairs. 

We’ve scheduled two separate nights for our popular Seder Passover meal to help accommodate everyone who wants to participate. We're asking our Tuesday community groups to attend on Tuesday, March 27, and our Wednesday community groups to attend on Wednesday, March 28.

Everyone else can pick the day that works best for them, but we need everyone to RSVP using this form.

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