Mission Matters Event 2017
Short Term Mission Trip Scholarship Application
Please fill in this application form to be considered for the Mission Matters Event Short Term Mission Trip Scholarship.

The criteria for consideration for this scholarship include:

1. You have not been on a short term mission trip before.

2. You plan to go on a short term mission trip in the next 12 months.

3. You will need to be present at Mission Matters 2017 SUNDAY MORNING to receive the scholarship and to be prayed for.

4. You will need to plan to be at Mission Matters 2018 to report back about your experience.

The applications are due by 5 pm Saturday 12 August 2017. They will all be reviewed and considered overnight, with the successful applicant(s) notified at the Sunday morning session 13 August.

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Church Pastor's name (or youth pastor or elder - whoever knows you and can speak about you) and their contact PHONE number. (We do want to speak with them before awarding the scholarship) *
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What Short Term Mission Trip do you want to go on? Please give as much information as you can - destination, dates, approximate cost, objective(s) of the short term mission trip, name of person or organisation arranging it. *
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Tell us why you want to go on this short term mission trip. What are you wanting to gain from this trip? *
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Thank You for your application. We will seriously and prayerfully consider it.
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