Application for Educational Assistant at Bravo Math
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If you are either: (a) under the age of 15 or (b) under the age of 19 and still depend on parents or legal guardians, will they provide written permission to do this job? *
Bravo Math works with minors so all candidates must first submit to a Vancouver Police Department Police Information Check (VPD PIC) before being offered a job. For more info, see  .   Your VPD PIC will contain: *
Are you able to work at various locations in the Vancouver area? *
Describe your desired work hours between now and 2022 June 30th. *
Are you currently or will you soon be a full-time or part-time student in a secondary or post-secondary institution? *
If "Yes", please elaborate.
Paste link(s) to: (a) your resume, (b) any references you have, your relationship with them, their contact information, and a rough idea of what they'll say when I contact them, and (c) [optional] any work samples, portfolios, descriptions of projects you've done, etc. [If you prefer not to use a public link, upload your content to a Google Drive folder and grant viewing rights to .] *
Optional: Elaborate on your passions, experience, and/or work samples and relate them to your potential future at Bravo Math.
Anticipate at least three specific challenges you might face at Bravo Math. [Keep in mind that truthfulness is a core company value and, like the FBI, a lack of candor will be a firing offense.] *
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