H & M Acres Newfoundlands Puppy Questionnaire
This questionnaire gives us an idea of where you (the buyer) are in your search for a puppy.  It also gives us a base to start from for educational purposes - not all puppy buyers are experienced pet owners or even former Newfoundland owners.  It helps us get to know you.  I will still want to have a phone conversation with you at some point as well.   Our relationship is going to be for the LIFE of your H & M puppy so good communication is a must.  
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Your name *
Addresss *
phone number *
Do you rent or own your home?   *
If  you rent or live with parents/others, please type in their names & phone numbers below.
If you rent/live in a condo/townhouse/apartment, does your rental/lease agreement have rules about owning a pet.  Many associations have weight/size restrictions.
How long have you lived at your current address?  *If you have to move, you are responsible for finding housing that will accept you & your puppy/dog, as they are a part of your family & are not to be left behind, sent to live with friends/relatives, or sent to a shelter/rescue organization.  If you cannot keep the puppy/dog - he/she is to be returned to H & M Acres Newfoundlands immediately. *
Do you have young children/grandchildren living with you or visiting from time to time? *
Names & Ages of children mentioned above.
Do you have other pets? *
Ages & Breeds/Species of pets mentioned above
If you have large/giant breed experience - please explain here.
Will your puppy live primarily inside or outside? *
When your puppy cannot be supervised inside...how will you keep your puppy safe? *
How will you keep your puppy in your yard when unsupervised? *
How do you intend to potty train your pup? *
Do you intend to take your puppy to formal obedience training? *
Do you intend to breed you pup in the future? *
Veterinarian (name, address, phone number) *
Big dogs = Big Vet bills!  While we do not require you to carry pet health insurance, we do believe that it may be beneficial to some.  Please make sure that you check into insurance. (We do not have insurance for our dogs, so it is OK if you decide not to - we just want you to be aware that it might be beneficial depending on your financial situation in case of an emergency.) *
There are many studies showing that waiting to spay/neuter large/giant breed dogs until their growth plates have fused (around 16-24 months old) has more healthy benefits than early spay/neuter.  Many vets are anti-breeding & will push for you to spay/neuter early.  Hypothetically - Will you wait or go with your vets recommendation to neuter/spay early rather than later? *
Newfies are prone to joint & skin issues.  A leaner dog is a healthier dog.  They grow VERY fast their first year.  Feeding a good quality food is imperative to a healthy dog.  How do yo plan to feed your pup for the first year?  (No wrong answers - this is used as an educational point.) *
Grain Free
Meat by-product
Meat Meal
Some Raw
Adult Dry Kibble
Adult Wet food
Raw (if exclusively raw choose "other/raw"
Puppy Kibble
Puppy Wet Food
NuVet Plus is a vitamin supplement that we feed our dogs.  We do NOT require that you purchase this but we do encourage it.  We are seeing higher birth weights in newborns & our nursing moms are holding their coats longer before going through their maternal sheds.   Please look into it.  You will receive a sample when you pick up your H & M Acres Newfoundland pup. *
I have viewed & understand the health clearances published on the H & M Acres Newfoundlands of Indiana Facebook group page. *
I understand that my $300.00 holding fee is NON-Refundable but will be applied towards the purchase price of a puppy for up to 24 months.   (If H & M Acres fails to produce a puppy within 24 months or if we would stop breeding altogether, your deposit will be returned.) *
While we try to give buyers their preference, we will also try to guide the buyers to a puppy that best fits their families lifestyle.  What gender & color do you prefer? *
Landseer (black & white)
Brown & White
Grey & White
Socialization is so much more than human (adult/children/babies) & animal (cats/other dogs) exposure.  It's different flooring (watching them experience grass for the first time is hilarious!), noises, toys, places, car rides, etc.   Tell me about your family!  Do you attend athletic events?  Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer?  Do you camp? Hike?  Jog?  Is your home busy & loud?  Or are you more inside people?  Is your home more quiet?  Do you have other dogs or pets that may not appreciate a rambunctious pup?  Do they need a calmer pup?  What are your wants & needs in a puppy? *
Some additional things to think about! *
Wow...I hadn't thought about that!
Yep...I got it!I
At a year old, your pup will LOOK full grown...he/she is still a baby & may still do puppy type stuff until closer to 2 years old. Row 1
Prepare your pup for anything life may throw his/her way! A disobedient 110+ lb dog is a nightmare that YOU created by neglecting to obedience train! Newfies can be stubborn & pushy...don't be that owner who doesn't obedience train.
Crates are not bad! Again...in case of an emergency, its good for them to be comfortable with a crate. If a vet visit requires being crated you & your pup will be much less anxious if the pup is comfortable with a crate.
At a year old, your pup will LOOK full grown...he/she is still a baby & may still do puppy type stuff until closer to 2 years old.
I have someone to care for my pup in the case of an emergency or vacation plans.
Allowing my pup to climb & descend stairs several times a day is hard on large breed puppy flights of joints. Going up & down 2-4 steps several times a day to go outside to potty, is likely NOT going to be a problem. They need to know how to use stairs in case of an emergency.
Slippery floors & puppies = long term damage to joints. Get rugs to cover slippery floors.
Feel free to add anything additional you would like to tell us, or any questions you have.
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