Vaping and Public Health

This is a short survey designed to illustrate the effects that vaping has had on public health. All answers are anonymous. Please help us present the facts to the FDA and #SaveVaping!

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Do you or have you smoke(d) combustible tobacco products like cigarettes/cigars/pipe? * *
If you have smoked combustible tobacco products, for how long? *
Have you ever tried to quit using combustible tobacco products? * *
If yes, which method(s) have you used to quit? (Check all that apply) * *
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What types of ENDS products to you prefer? * *
Which types of e-liquid flavors do you prefer? (Check all that apply) * *
When you first began using ENDS products, what nicotine level did you start with? * *
What nicotine level do you use now? * *
Do you have, or have you ever suffered a smoking related affliction? * *
If yes, would you mind sharing with us the details of that affliction? (e.g., Asthma, COPD, Emphysema, Cancer, or anything else attributed to smoking. Remember, this is anonymous.) *
In your opinion, has your affliction worsened, stalled, or gotten better since you began using ENDS products? * *
What has your doctor said, regarding your affliction, since you began using ENDS products? * *
Many places are arguing that the variety of flavors available in vapor products are attractive to youth, and they are attempting to implement removing flavors. What will you do if only tobacco and mint flavors are available commercially? * *
In May, 2020, the vaping industry as a whole is set to drastically change, due to the cost prohibitive approval process from the FDA. What will you do if only a handful of devices and e-liquids are available? * *
In your opinion, what affect do you feel vaping has/will have on general public health? * *
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