Southside CSA 2021 Membership Form
Fill out this form to purchase farm shares and become members of the Southside CSA for Harvest 2021.

STEP 1 - Fill out order form. (Pick shares. Lots of info about shares & farmers on the webpage (

STEP 2 - Read CSA Membership Agreement & sign to indicate you have done so.

STEP 3 - Respond to email receipt with copy of membership agreement, order info, total balance due, deposit info, payment plan, etc. You must respond to this email to confirm your order is correct. If it is not, we will send you a new one.

STEP 4 - PAY YOUR DEPOSIT(Admin Fee) & sign up for 1 of your 2 volunteer shifts: Your order will not be considered complete until you have paid your deposit and signed up for 1 of your 2 required volunteer shifts.

Email *
This continues to be a strange time for everyone. We will keep up the safety protocols we established last season. We are committed to helping our farmers during this time and to helping you and your families get fresh, healthy food. We will keep you updated on any developments as they happen. Please be patient as we all figure out this new world together.
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Your first and last name *
Contact Ph# for emergencies *
Names & emails of additional share members *
We need to know contact info for the other share members. By default, we will send all CSA emails to everyone in the share family. This helps ensure everyone has correct pick-up info, knows that a payment is owed, etc. If this is a problem for some reason, please let us know specifics.
What's your Share Name? *
This name goes on the lists for pick-up. It can be something fun, like a team name of sorts. Examples: Fox Force 5, Awful Waffle, Bear Share (these examples belong to existing share members, you can only use these if you are a returning member from those shares). If you can't pick up your share and you send a friend in your place, they just need to know your share name & they are good to go.
SHARE PURCHASE: Below is the order area. Almost every question requires an answer. (FULL SHARE = Weekly pickups; Half SHARE = Pick up every other week on either A or B weeks.) Please take a look at the calendar before selecting your shares.
MimoMex Vegetable Share (23 Weeks: June 28 - Nov. from El MimoMex Farm *
Please note that Harvest time for most veggies is in the summer and fall. Early weeks will have much less produce than later in the season!
Greig Farm "Mostly Berry" Share (15 Weeks: June 28- Oct. 11) *
First month or so (May) is really a bonus and will be mostly asparagus and maybe some frozen berries until the Strawberries ripen in June. Follows the growing season at Greig Farm. Asparagus, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, Pumpkins. Sometimes other items depending on weather/harvest.
NY ORCHARD Share ( 23 Weeks: Jun. 28 - Nov. 29) *
This is a local tree fruit share. Sourced from several local orchards & farms. June to Aug from several Hudson Valley farms. Sept to Nov from Soons Orchard. Cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, pears, apples, apple cider.
Northwind Farm Free Range EGG Share 16 Weeks or 4 Months (June 28 - Oct. 11) *
If you want to pick up multiple shares at each distribution, please make sure to fill out the following question.
Egg Share Details
If you want to pick up multiple shares at your distribution, then tell us how many total (dozens) you want to pick up.
Pure Vide Fish Share 16 weeks (June 28- Oct. 11) *
Mostly fresh. Sometimes frozen depending on storms & whatnot. Usually a selection of items that will be first come first serve. So if you can't eat shellfish or something, make sure to get there early or let us know to make sure something you can eat is set aside for you.
Fish Share dietary restrictions *
Northwind Farm Meat Share 9 weeks or monthly (July 5th - Oct. 11) B Weeks ONLY -We need a minimum of 7 orders to offer this Share *
Large size is approximately 10-12 pounds of meat at each distribution. Regular size is approximately 8-10 pounds of meat at each distribution. IMPORTANT! Only B week pick up is available. If we get at least 8 sign-ups we may be able to expand, if we get less than 7, we may have to do only the monthly option instead. Last season we had over 20 signups so it all worked out perfectly.
Meat Share Type *
Custom Meat Share Details
All beef? All pork? No beef? No pork? No smoked meats? Tell us your needs!
Circle C Maple Farm (Probable JUNE DELIVERY, if you need it sooner, let us know, we might have some left from last year.) *
Make sure you fill in the following questions with details if you want multiples of any size or a mix of different flavors.
Flavor of Maple *
If you want a mix of flavors, make sure to fill out the following question. The weather this year was not super cooperative, so we don't have any amber available at this time.
Custom Maple
Do you want multiples of a certain size? More than one size? Do you want more than one flavor? Need it sooner than June? Tell us the details!
Due to COVID-19, we are not currently planning any farm trips. If/when it becomes safe to do so, we will let you know!
Administration costs covered by admin fee. Payments via Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle/Quikpay or Credit Card (+3%)
PAYMENT PLAN = Admin fee (Note $5 discount for Venmo & Cash payments) *
This year we are asking that you pay a small deposit to secure and confirm your order. We are using the Admin Fee as the amount you owe for the deposit. It is due immediately when you submit your order and the order is not complete without it. We are offering a large range of payment plans due to COVID-19 affecting many people's finances. If you don't see something that works for you here, please contact us and we will try to work something out. If you have the ability to pay earlier, rather than later, please do, as it helps our farmers, who are also facing uncertain times.
Payment Type - Venmo is the method that is easiest for us to process, but the farmers like Cash! *
Questions, Comments & Special Requests...
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