Global Theats to Peatlands
As part of a research project we would like to know what peatland professionals consider to be the greatest global threats to peatland ecosystems. We are interested in the views of anyone with a professional interest in peatlands, including scientists, managers and policy-makers. Our survey consists of some background questions and then asks you to rank the relative importance of a number of human-induced threats we have identified (please nominate any others you consider important). Note that some of the categories we propose include a number of different factors and we acknowledge there is some subjectivity in our categorisation. Our focus is on the most significant global threats- we appreciate that different factors may be important in different regions and that there is a difference between the intensity and extent of threats. Completing the survey is optional, responses are anonymous and we do not collect any data you do not directly provide. Responses will never be identifiable to an individual. This survey has received ethical approval from the University of York.
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Climate change (change in precipitation, temperature, cloudiness, extreme events etc)
Stratospheric ozone depletion/UV-B
Air pollution (nitrogen deposition, sulphur deposition, tropospheric ozone etc)
Land use factors (including drainage, peat-cutting, agriculture, mineral extraction, forestry, burning etc)
Sea level rise
Elevated atmospheric CO2 (direct impacts only)
Invasive species
Please list any other threats to global peatlands you consider important which are not included in the above list...
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