Elon University Sale of Chametz Form 5776

During Pesach (Passover), Jews are prohibited from owning chametz -- food or drink that contains wheat, oats, barley, rye or spelt (other than matzah flour, matzah and matzah derivatives). Further information on what defines chametz in standard Jewish law is available at http://bit.ly/GWI4cf.

While it is ideal to eat or give away your chametz before the holiday (e.g. to our local Allied Churches food pantry), it is also permitted to sell your chametz for the duration of the holiday to someone who is not Jewish. Traditionally, a rabbi acts as an agent for members of a community, selling that community's chametz on the morning before Pesach and buying it back the evening when Pesach ends.

In order to appoint Rabbi Geoffrey Claussen (Director of Elon's Jewish Studies program) as your agent in selling your Chametz, the following form must be submitted by 12 pm on Friday, April 22, 2016. You should expect all chametz sold on your behalf to revert to your possession with the arrival of darkness on Saturday night, April 30, at 8:46 pm.

It is also traditional to give tzedakah at this time to help provide food for others in need. Please consider making a gift to Mazon: The Jewish Response to Hunger (mazon.org) or American Jewish World Service's "Reverse Hunger" campaign (ajws.org).

    Authorizing the Sale of Chametz

    I, the undersigned, fully empower Rabbi Geoffrey Claussen to act on my behalf to sell all chametz in my possession.
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