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What you can do to help Pizza to the Polls
- Find reports of lines on social media

You'd search twitter, instagram, and facebook for reports of lines - for older reports you'll try and verify if they're still valid then submit them via polls.pizza so the team can look into them

- Verifying reports of lines on social media

We should check that each report is valid - we've tried to automate this but it'll probably not work 100% of the time. We'll need help looking up polling places and verifying the report is recent and still applies.

- Ordering Pizzas

You'll place an order! Ideally we'll have credit cards available that'll work but sometimes these break down and volunteers have been known to use their own cards. You'll be responsible for updating the spreadsheet and double checking we've got the funds to cover the charge.

- Raising pizza funds

Get folks to donate via polls.pizza and thanking the folks that have already donated.
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What You'll Need to Volunteer
We use Slack (https://slack.com) to communicate and organize - so you'll need to get Slack set up on your device to keep track of what's going on.

When communicating with the team or to the world as Pizza to the Polls you should be transparent, friendly, and upfront with the Pizza to the Polls crew, keeping things fun, non-partisan, and civil.

We'll be in touch on how you can help out!
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