Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2020: Sharp Chronicles - Main Exhibition Preview 微波國際新媒體藝術節2020: 後實錄 - 主題展覽預展
Main Exhibition Preview
30/10/2020 (Fri 五)
a. 18:00 - 19:00
b. 19:00 - 20:00 (Virtual Tour of The Glass Room (Misinformation Edition) will be conducted in this time-slot at 19:30. See below for details.《模擬導賞團:玻璃房間:錯誤信息版》將在此時段於19:30舉行 ,詳情如下。) 【Quota is Full 已滿】
c. 20:00 - 21:00

Virtual Tour of The Glass Room (Misinformation Edition)
Louise Hisayasu (Tactical Tech) (Germany)
久保 路易絲 (戰略技術) (德國)

The Glass Room Misinformation edition is an immersive, self-learning public intervention that explores how technology and social media platforms are shaping the information that we see, consume and share in our everyday lives. The exhibition consists of interactive apps and visualistions that inspire visitors to question the information they receive online and to help them spot misinformation in its many guises. A in-depth tour will provide a brief insight into the elements of this latest edition of the Glass Room Community edition.

Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall
5 Edinburgh Place, Central
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