2016 Fall Reader Guide
This Journal of Museum Education Reader Guide includes a free copy of the article “Green History: Reframing Our Past to Save the Planet” by Andrea K. Jones from Volume 41.3 of the Journal of Museum Education (JME), as well as a list of discussion questions and additional resources.

The themed section of this latest issue of the Journal of Museum Education examines ways in which history museums are refocusing their interpretive and educational work to be more relevant to new and existing audiences, a struggle shared by museums of all disciplines. Educators frequently find themselves grappling with the issue of relevance. What does it mean to be relevant? And whom, exactly, should we be relevant to?

This Reader Guide explores an article that documents one institution’s effort to address relevancy, exploring today’s environmental issues through the lens of the past. The questions below were developed in conjunction with the author and are intended to foster conversation and dialogue among colleagues on personal, institutional, and community understandings of relevance and how the intersection of these varied perspectives can shape our work in enhancing the experiences of both those who visit and work in museums.

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